British colonisation of Australia
A three-part series looking at Australian history from the Dreaming, through the first European explorers, the First Fleet and convict settlement.
Australian Geography
Get 'a bird's eye view' of Australia, as Ollie Owl, Jess and Jason take you on a fun and informative tour of our Island Continent.
Governing Australia Governing Australia
An entertaining look at Australia's system of government and democracy, with laughs, music and fun animated characters.
Australia's Goldrush
Takes your students back to the exciting years when gold fever swept Australia, helping shape the modern nation we know today.
The great age of Australian exploration played a vital role in our history, unlocking the secrets of this vast island continent.
  Australian Democracy
How did six rival British colonies put aside their differences and come together to form to a united modern democracy?
Why Anzac Day?
A look at the origins and significance of one of Australia's most important national traditions.  

Interactive online eReaders

Multi-level, interactive, full-colour, 24-page eReaders with contemporary images,
fact boxes, timeline, glossary and index, as well as Test Yourself quizzes.
Allow students to 'drill down' for more information.
Ideal for whiteboards as well as solo users.

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