Australian Democracy follows Australia's journey from convict colonies to a modern, inclusive democracy.

DVD movie, full-colour reader, iPad/Tablet reader, multimedia CD-ROM, blackline masters and more.

Australian Democracy DVD


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Ideal for classroom viewing and discussion.

Australian Democracy tells the fascinating story of how six rival British colonies put aside their differences and came together to form a nation. It also looks at how those once denied democratic rights, including women and indi-genous people, won the right to be full citizens of a truly democratic nation.

Now your students can relive the events of these important years, including:
• The government and law of Australia's indigenous people
• The rule of the Governors during the early years of British colonisation
• The rise of parliamentary democracy in the colonies
• The push for democracy during the goldrush and the Eureka Stockade
• The campaign for Federation
• The campaign for women's suffrage
• The birth of the Commonwealth of Australia
• World War I and Australian identity
• The struggle for Aboriginal rights

The movie also examines the vital role Aboriginal people played in the history of Australian exploration, both those who took part in expeditions as well as those whose lands the explorers crossed.

• Full-colour, 24-page reader
• Images from the times
• Fact boxes with extra information
• Diagrams explain complex concepts
• Glossary of key terms
• Index • Captions


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Australian Democracy Part 2
low-res excerpts

part 1


Electronic reader
• Read onscreen.
• Listen to the reader narrated.
• View vocabulary definitions.

Teacher's resources
• Blackline masters to print
• Teacher’s answer sheet
• Primary sources such as diaries, journals and news reports
• Teacher’s Internet site


On-screen activities
• Find-a-word, cloze, typing
• Crosswords
• Drag-and-drop games
• On-screen jigsaw puzzles
• Write story/news report
• Story page with key words
• News report topics offer different perspectives

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