British colonisation of Australia is a three-part series that looks at the early history of Australia, from the Dreaming, through the arrival of the first European explorers, the First Fleet and convict settlement.
Three-part DVD movie (36 mins), three full-colour readers, iPad/Tablet reader, three multimedia CD-ROMs, blackline masters and more.



Australian Explorers
Australian Explorers
Australian ExplorersWhy Anzac Day?
Australian Explorers

A three-part presentation, ideal for classroom viewing and discussion.

Part 1Australia before British colonisation looks at the unique cultures and ways of life Australia’s Aboriginal people developed over tens of thousands of years – as well as their first contacts with outsiders. These range from Indonesian fishermen to early European explorers, including Dutch navigators of the 1600s and James Cook’s visits to the east coast. (Running time 11 minutes.)

Part 2The First Fleet and the colony's early years examines the epic voyage, the struggle to establish a colony in a harsh new land, and the newcomers’ troubled relations with the indigenous owners. (Running time 12 minutes.)

Part 3Australia in convict times Life for convicts in early Australia could be hard and brutal, but those convicts who earned freedom could build a better future for themselves and their families. For Aboriginal people, though, colonisation brought little but disease and dispossession. (Running time 13 minutes.)

• Full-colour, 24-page reader for each part
• Text as narrated on the video
• Images from the times
• Fact boxes with extra information
• Diagrams explain complex concepts
• Glossary of key terms • Index  • Captions

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Part 3: Australia in convict times
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Electronic reader
• Read onscreen.
• Listen to the reader narrated.
• View vocabulary definitions.

Teacher's resources
• Blackline masters to print
• Teacher’s answer sheet
• Primary sources such as diaries, journals and news reports
• Teacher’s Internet site

• Authentic folk songs from the period, with lyrics to sing along.


On-screen activities
• Find-a-word, cloze, typing
• Crosswords
• Drag-and-drop games
• On-screen jigsaw puzzles
• Write story/news report
• Story page with key words
• News report topics offer different perspectives


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